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You might have definitely drunk canned or bottled beverages and have thrown the empty container, assuming that those are just meant to be crushed and thrown! Have you ever imagined that these containers can actually help someone somewhere?

It might be hard to believe, but this is what is being made possible by Advanced Bottle Depot Inc., a company which is on an eco friendly campaign and also lends a helping hand for the welfare of those kids who require special medical attention.

Join the Advanced Bottle Depot Inc and earn something while helping us to bring smiles on those baby faces!

All Glass , Plastic and Aluminum containers which are of 1lt, more or less than that are eligible for being deposited in our special deposit bins in several locations all over Alberta. For each over 1lt containers you earn 25 cents and for every 1lt or less containers you earn 10 cents.

Containers 1L or Less


All containers 1L or less in size

Containers over 1L


All containers over 1L

Recycled can and bottle depot in Fort McMurray
Aluminum container collection

We don’t let your efforts go waste. Depositing every  container over 1Lt earn you 25 cents and by depositing containers 1lt or less would earn you 10 cents. With over more than 1 lakh registered containers in Alberta, you don’t have to think twice about which brand of container is appropriate before depositing them.

Recycled can and bottle depot in Fort McMurray
Plastic container collection

The Alberta Cans for Kids is a fundraising program which has been undertaken by the Alberta Bottle Depot Association for the purpose of raising awareness and support for stollery hospital.Under this program people are advised to put the containers of the beverages they consume into the special recycle bins.

Recycled can and bottle depot in Fort McMurray
Glass container collection

Alberta Bottle Depot Inc partners with Ronald McDonald House, Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation and Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation; together these organizations provide support, medical attention and accommodation facilities to the needy kids all over Alberta.Visit your nearest depot and keep an eye for the special recycle bins.